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Care Of Allergy Predisposed Skin

Women meet with problem of allergy predisposed skin very frequently. Day by day they clean, wash, cook, paint, bleach, etc. Almost none of mentioned processes can be done without use of corresponding chemical substance.

But what to do if skin is allergy predisposed? So, we have to remember the basic rules:

  1. Exclude, or in case of impossibility to exclude as much as possible limit any contact to the substance causing allergy.

  1. Choosing cosmetics for face skin or body care buy the products for a supersensitive skin with anti-inflammatory effect. It is desirable to consult with the allergologist before choosing proper product.

  1. Don’t change a skin care product on if previous was OK and did not cause allergy. In case of change you shouldn’t do it suddenly. You should start its application enter step by step, in small doses.

  1. Must have in a cosmetics bag a protective cream with dense texture. Such cream will help to build a certain barrier and won’t allow allergens to get inside.

  1. Whenever possible do not apply complicated beauty shop procedures for skin care, for example peeling, or dermabrasion. If the need for this procedure is so great that it is impossible to refuse apply to allergist for corresponding preventive therapy. So, for example, before a glycol peeling the doctor can prescribe to apply glycol cream, as a peculiar vaccine against stimulus.

  1. When performing daily bathroom hygienic procedures it is recommended to use soft (purified) water and not to use rigid washcloths. Attrition is also not recommended to persons with skin sensitive to allergens.