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Allergy And Environment

At the beginning of the last century very few people suffered from allergic reactions. It is not hard to make it clear, having properly asked your grandmothers and grandfathers about it. However today allergy is added into the list of the most often found diseases by the International organization of health. What does it mean? It means that the theory of genetic predisposition to allergy, exclusive till this time, fades into the background. Today the major factor influencing quantitative indices of allergy are the changes happening in the person’s environment.

So, by studying of clinical statistical data it is found that citizens of big industrial cities more often than countrymen have allergy. And this fact doesn’t depend at all on development level of one country or another.

It is proved by scientists that diesel fuel micro particles, for example, getting to air during transport operation envelop pollen of plants, enlarging the level of allergenicity in dozens of times.

The air polluted by transport and various production itself is very high-strength stimulus and the allergic reactions catalyst. Irritating a mucosa of respiratory tracts, it helps allergens to get more deeply into a human body.

Any plants and fruitage which are grown up near roads, chemical and other productions, sewer communications, in a zone of activity of nuclear power plants, etc. are subject to pollution and rising of allergenicity extent. Nevertheless very often such food gets on our dinner table, and then and into our organism, striking destructive blow to our immune system.