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Allergy To Vaccinations

Vaccination of children and adults is a frequent cause of development of allergic reactions. The main components of vaccine, microorganisms or proteins secreted from them usually don’t cause an allergy. It arises because of the collateral substances containing in vaccines.

Inoculations against epidemic parotiditis (mumds), measles and rubella are dangerous by development of allergy if the child has a medicinal allergy to antibiotics which are the components of these vaccines.

Many vaccines contain egg protein as viruses were grown up on embryos of chicken. Flu, measles, parotiditis, yellow fever vaccines refer to them.

Hepatitis B vaccine is an allergen for hyper sensitive to baking yeast the people.

Before carrying out inoculations it is important to find out, whether the child had allergic reactions at contact to potentially dangerous substances or their acceptance in nutrition. If there is an allergy to chicken protein, it develops always, irrespective of a way of penetration to organism, whether it is eating of hard-boiled egg white, drinking it crude, or injection of its components under a skin with a vaccine. An intravenous way is the most dangerous, amount of the allergen which got to a blood, thus is enormous. But even at first sight intact skin or mucosa can become a window for allergen penetration.

The allergy to vaccination can be shown by nettle rush, Quincke’s edema, serum disease, toxic -allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock.

Allergic reactions usually appear within several minutes up to 1-2 hours. After carrying out vaccination within 20-30 minutes it is necessary to supervise the child. Children with allergy should be vaccinated at specially equipped offices with anti-shock first-aid kits.