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Allergy to nickel

The quantity of new cases of allergy to nickel was strongly increased because of addicting of people for piercing. But it isn’t obligatory to input nickel products under a skin to get an allergy. It is enough to person sensitive to this metal to put on watch or necklace made of nickel-containing alloy.

The allergy is caused not so much by nickel penetration to blood as its impact on skin and it develops at long contact to metal. The allergy to nickel isn’t congenital. The risk of its receiving can be minimized with avoiding contact of nickel to skin for a long time. But when the allergy already appears even a short contact to the alloy is capable to cause an itch and burning sensation, onset of small red pimples, and eruption on skin or even eczema. Physicians refer allergy to nickel to contact dermatitis.

There are clothing and jewelry marked as hypoallergenic. They are the safest. Nickel is contained in “white” coins contact with which is also undesirable to sensitive people.

Many people with allergy to nickel don’t understand it. They think that the irritation arose because of friction. Wearing of a bandage will help to define the true reason. Wrists, ears and stomach are the most typical area of implication of allergy to nickel. Symptoms appear in 2-3 days after effect of allergen. At the termination of contact to nickel symptoms disappear within a week.

Serious form of allergy to nickel is constant eruption, formation of deep folds and cracks, peeling. The affected area is painful at contact to moisture. In some time the eczema develops.