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Pollen Allergy

Pollen allergy (hay fever or pollinosis) is a disease caused by pollen of the blossoming plants. It is the most frequent kind of an allergy. Pollen from air is accumulates on eyes mucosa, mouth, nose, bronchi. People, sensitive to pollen, have immune system hyper reaction and symptoms of allergy. Hay fever develops only during blossoming of certain plants.

Externally the allergy is represented by clogged nose and watery nasal discharge, itch and sneezing. Eyes also itch and redden, tears flow. There is labored breathing, dry cough, and sibilant rale. There is an eruption on skin, similar to urticaria.

Survey and inquiry of the patient is a basis of diagnostics of pollinosis. For confirmation dermal sensitivity reaction tests should be done, applying a scratch or sting (on a forearm) an allergen extract drop. If after some time the skin reddens and slightly swells it means the reaction is positive.

Fast and reliable way of treatment of allergy does not exist. The most perspective is immunotherapy. Allergen solutions are injected into skin of patient, increasing its concentration within many weeks. As a response human organism develops the antibodies functioning as antidote. Therapy is carried out in advance that prior to blossoming the patient loses sensitivity to a dangerous type of pollen. At an exacerbation it is impossible to carry out an immunotherapy. Specific medicines are applied for allergy treatment.

The best way of prophylaxis is to go away for some period to other climate. If it is impossible, it is necessary to exclude walks in the country, not to open doors and a windows, to air the room when it is not windy, it is better after a rain. It is possible to hang up some layers of the moistened gauze or a cotton sheet on a window.