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Tuberculin Allergy

Tuberculin allergy (allergy to a tuberculin or Mantoux test allergy, BCG) is a organism hyper sensibility to tuberculosis micro bacteria, and also to products of their vital activity. Tuberculin allergy is rather unusual phenomena.

R. Koch, who vaccinated children with tuberculin vaccine, was the first to start the discussion about a tuberculin allergy. It is possible to diagnose a similar type of allergy just within the first hours after applying the injection. On a place of injection reddening appears, the itch and a burning sensation are possible.

 After some time other symptoms of allergy (temperature raise, nausea, etc.) also can be added to already specified. Strong allergic reaction develops within 24 hours, and it reaches peak in 48-72 hours.

Three types 0f Reaction to tuberculin can be distinguished: local (strikes a place of injection), focal (strikes additionally lymph flows and lymph nodes) and general (strikes the organism in general).

Local reaction to tuberculin, as a rule, is an evidence of allergy. However, even in this case, phthisiatrician advisory is recommended. Only having passed X-ray inspection and leukocytic tests, it will be possible to say with confidence about the availability of allergy and absence of tuberculosis. In this case the doctor will prescribe to you the general antiallergenic therapy including taking antihistamine drugs.

In case tuberculosis detection or assumption of it, the treatment of the patient is carried out according to the appropriate program at hospital conditions.

Cross Allergy

It is impossible consider cross allergy as an individual type of allergy. it is probably a specific property. Peculiarity of cross allergy is that organism has a hyper sensibility not just to one allergen, but to some group of allergens which have a similar structure. The surprising thing is that person suffering from allergy to dust can also suffer from allergic reaction on a shrimp. It has a simple answer: similar set of amino acids in composition of shrimp and household dust. The most widespread pairs of allergens are already known to physicians. It is, for example, camomile and banana, pollen and apples. However cross allergy is so insidious that absolutely unexpected for you substance can act as a twin-allergen.

Symptoms of cross allergy differ in nothing from common allergic reactions. However, the more person lives with cross allergy, the more twin-allergens are rejected by his organism. The problem becomes global. Therefore in treatment of cross allergy a proper diagnostics and urgent course of treatment are important.

Prophylaxis measures of cross allergy directly depend on detection of primary allergen. Subsequent course of actions becomes more and more clear. If some foodstuff acts as allergen it should be excluded from ration, if some cosmetic – throw it out, if sunshine – wear sunglasses and if possible stay on sun as little time as possible. Anyway, only allergist will be able to develop the most effective allergy prophylaxis program measures for you. And therefore do not be too lazy and ask the experienced doctor for help!