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Psychosomatic Causes Of Allergy Origin

Allergy is a widespread disease studied by physicians within very long time. Studying today has its results and physicians managed to find out the main causes leading to this disease. Conditionally main causes of allergy can be divided in connected to genetic predisposition, resulted from the diseases the person have had before and those occurred to harmful working conditions. However up to nowadays scientists of the whole world couldn’t give a definite answer to a question: why people with identical data living in identical conditions have variously allergic reactions.

Those representatives of a scientific world who were engaged in studying of this question more in details, managed to find that disease mechanism can’t be started without participation of a subconscious mind of the patient in this process. Today more often psychologists and psychotherapists are invited for work on therapeutic diseases. Allergy is not an exception in this case.

The main psychological reasons capable to cause an allergy:

- severe psychological injury;

- suppression of anger, aggression, other strong emotions;

- ambiguity of the vital principles;

- phobia of independence, including acceptances of crucial decisions;

- increased nervousness, uneasiness, depressions.

Application of clinical methods of disease research, namely applying hypnosis action for patients, doctors managed to overcome allergic reaction in most cases.

It is possible to make a conclusion from stated above: it is necessary to include in the list of allergic diseases prophylaxis measures a careful attitude to the nervous system. Don’t worry, be happy!