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Widespread Allergens

Many substances of various origin can cause an allergic reaction. One of them act directly, others strengthen action of others. Sensitivity of people to different groups of allergens depends on heriditary immune system peculiarities.

Mold funguses, medicinal preparations (Sulfanilamidums, Penicillinums, Salicylas, local anesthetics). chemical detergents, nickel, rubber can call allergy.

Phytogenesis Allergens

The main place is taken by pollen of the blossoming plants. These are trees, bushes, herbs. In spring more often the trees cause allergy as they pollinated by wind and blossoming before leaves blooming. By the beginning of summer the main danger is represented by cultural plants, at the beginning of autumn some weeds.

nuts, a sesame, cereals, a citrus, strawberry, bean are considered to be allergens of  phytogenesis. Children till three years ar enot recommended to eat citrus and strawberry. Their digestive tube is imperfect and easily passes to blood many substances with big molecular mass.

Allergens of Animal Origin

First of all it is home dust mites. Microscopic insects settle in a huge number in pillows, especially with natural stuffing – down, feathers, wool. Bits of chitin cover of cockroaches are also allergens, as well as fibers of tissues of an animal origin.

There are foreign proteins in vaccines, immunoglobulin and blood preparations for transfusion which are strongly influencing immune system.

Eggs, honey, cow’s milk often cause allergy in children. Propolis, ambrosia, bee sting are allergenic.