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Allergy To Novocain

Novocain is a local anesthetic. It is applied for injections in tissues which need to be anesthetized at the most different surgeries. Frequent use of Novocain is the reason of that allergic reaction to this drug is widespread in clinics. It is easy to buy Novocain therefore independent use of anesthetic at home also has danger of development of allergy.

Many anesthetics have a structure, and therapeutic action similar to Novocain (for example, Lidocaine). Allergic reactions to all group of drugs or on some of them is met. Often Novocain can be replaced with Lidocaine.

The allergy to Novocain can arise even if the human body didn’t face this substance before. Para amino benzoic acid, the component of Novocain molecule basis, is a part of many preservatives and additives in cattle forage, and is contained in food.

The allergy to Novocain is shown by rash, itch, skin inflammation, sometimes a Quincke’s edema, bronchi spasm. The general weakness, nausea, hyperhidrosis, respiratory impairment is referred to toxic reactions.

It is better not to bring the matter to anaphylactic shock, and before use of Novocain do probes if reaction of the patient to this substance is unknown. Investigated subcutaneously 0.1 ml of Novocain should be injected, thus it has to be formed a small blister of a small kernel size. Then 20 minutes doctor observes the infiltrate which has to disappear. If it remains in a former state,  the allergic reaction is confirmed.

Blood test from a vein is more exact. Serum is investigated on existence of specific antibodies.