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Skin Allergy

Сlinical presentations of allergic reactions are frequent and various. Allergy is presented in form of strong itch, blisters and edemas. The most widespread diseases are: urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis, a Quincke’s edema. It is necessary to distinguish an allergy from dermal diseases.

Allergen can get from environment to a human body directly on skin, with food or during breath. During bathing in cold water cold urticarial sometimes happens. Sunshine provokes a photodermatitis for sensitive people.

Urticaria is the most frequent dermal clinical presentations allergic reactions. It arises at action of cold or sunshine, the use of some products (a smoked product, eggs, seafood), the effect of drugs, pollen of the blossoming plants. The reason of chronic infection is in endocrine disorders and in gastrointestinal tract. There are pruritic blisters similar to burn on skin At an acute urticaria they appear immediately after allergen influence, there are plentiful rashes with a strong itch, in 2-3 hours they disappear. Sometimes temperature increases, there is an abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Symptoms proceed some days. At regular rashes within more than 3 months an urticaria is called chronic.

Dryness and ecdysis on child skin says is an evidence of an atopic dermatitis. The disease can pass into a respiratory allergy, bronchial asthma.

Quincke’s edema, or a huge urticaria is a skin and mucosa edema.

Lips, eyelids, cheeks, larynx, genitals are affected. The edema is followed by an itch, burning, pain. The Quincke’s edema in larynx is most dangerous, dyspnea arises demanding emergency aid.