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Allergy At Helminthosis

Helminthes (worms) having just microscopic sizes are able to suppress perfectly immune system of the person. As well as viruses which hide in the owner’s cells, these rather large multicellular organisms avoid the specific response; antibodies against them are not generated. But substances discharged by worms are often allergens; the condition of immune system characteristic for allergic reactions, also develops, the maintenance of eosinophilia granulocytes in blood increases.

In many cases when it is obvious that the person has allergy and physicians can’t ascertain its exact cause infection by helminthes should be suspected. As to the children suffering from an atopic dermatitis worms are revealed in 69% of cases. It is characteristic also for lesion by roundworms (threadworms, ascarids), and in presence of other types.

Helminthosis promotes immune-pathological and inflammatory changes of skin, support chronic processes. Atopic dermatitis, an nettle rush, psoriasis have wavy proceeding.

Reaction of blood cells is caused by worms and their eggs. At early stages of infection the anaphylactic type of reaction is formed – histamine is generated. It causes reduction of unstriated muscles of bronchi, stomach and intestine, rising of permeability of capillaries, allocation mucous a nose amplifies, the nervous terminations are irritated; there is an itch. Then organism sensitizes by waste products of helminthosis. Antihistamines are applied for helminthosis treatment.