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Infrequent Allergies

Allergy is a disease which has been investigated by physicians more or less. The vast majority of allergic persons suffer from allergic reactions to the same allergens. However there is also such category of persons (no more than 1% of number of all allergic persons) who have an allergy to non-standard allergens. These types of allergy are:

1. Allergy to alcohol. In this case both ethyl alcohol and various additives which are a part of alcohol (hop, yeast, fragrances, stains and other) can act as allergen.

2. Allergy to metals. Here we mean not often found allergy to nickel, and an allergy to such, apparently, absolutely safe metals, as gold and platinum. Such allergy, as a rule, is represented in form of a contact dermatitis.

3. Allergy to fabric. Very seldom people have an allergy, for example, to cashmere. It is a material made from wool of specially developed breeds of goats. Such allergy can represented (besides a contact allergic dermatitis) with allergic rhinitis, cough, sneezing, edema.

4. Allergy to fish caviar. Such type of allergy indicates the intolerance of fish protein products and most often affects people, suffering at the same time from other types of food allergy.

5. Allergy to money. Such allergy can be simply explained. As a component of many monetary coins nickel, which represents the main allergen, is used. And at production of banknotes a special paint, which also promotes development of allergic reactions, is used.

The most infrequent allergy in the world is an allergy to liquid. Only 35 people suffering from the specified type of disease live on our planet. Even their own tears or sweat can cause dire consequences for these people.