Nervous Allergy

Very often it can be heard from doctors that the disease we suffer from has developed because of nerves and cannot be treated with medicines. The same is said about allergy. However in medical terminology there is another term for allergy which has developed because of nerves – pseudo-allergy. In this case it means lack of reaction “antigen-antibody”, natural for allergy.

How does nervous allergy appear? Under the influence of steady stresses and nerve strains in a human body Histaminum, which is known as inflammation mediator, starts to be produced strenuously. In the presence of a large number of Histaminum in blood, the organism does not need immediate contact to allergen, because allergic reaction is started independently. The nervous allergy differs with absence of a constant stimulus. That is, for example, in one case of a nerve strain a harmless vegetable can act as imaginary antigen, and in other – pollen.

It is curiously enough but the risk group of nervous allergy includes children. Their organism currently is extremely subjected to excessive loading including, emotional – schools, trainings, tutors, computer games, movies, etc. All these factors bring to negative consequences for children health. Also, the group of risk includes women and elderly people.

Different types of allergic reactions can be considered as symptoms of a nervous allergy: from an itch and rashes to dyspnea attacks.

Treatment peculiarity of nervous allergy is a fight against symptoms only during the periods of allergy symptoms expression. As to the rest the main activities on disease treatment lays down on shoulders of psychologist and patient   (positive thinking, a relaxation, etc.).