Mold Allergy

Mold is a fungus appearing and breeding in warm and wet environment. Mold is very potent allergen, which hits human body even sometimes brings to serious forms of asthma.

Allergy is caused by mold fungus spores which are so small that are picked easily up by air streams (for example, when opening the door) and brought into the room. Mentioned spores easily get into human body at breathing and settle on mucosa of respiratory organs. It explains the most characteristic indication of mold allergy, namely, – dyspnea, cough, rhinitis.

It is almost impossible to destroy mold spores. Their sizes are too small, and they easily pass through filters and masks.

As a rule, mold settles in wet places, such as bathroom tile or place under bath, in cellars, in mattresses, on leaky attics, on houseplants and in flowerpots, on wet windows and walls. Air humidifiers only promote mold spreading. Therefore, when using the last, it is recommended to do breaks and to air the room, especially in spring and in autumn.

Very often producers use mold derivatives substances (in toothpaste, soap, cosmetics) for manufacturing of household chemicals.

Food at their wrong storage can become covered by mold. Mold loves yeast and bakery products very much. Never eat bread having even the tiniest spot of mold. Believe, fungus is already in each cell of this bread.

People with mold allergy most likely will also have allergy to such medicinal preparation as Penicillin.