Diet At Allergy

The organization correct and adequate nutrition to symptoms of allergic reaction is one of the most important measures of disease exacerbation prophylaxis for allergic persons. Foodstuff especially nowadays in connection with different application of chemical additives is the most significant group of allergens for human. It cannot be denied that even the natural substances containing in food can cause an allergy.

Allergenic capacity of these or those vegetables, fruit, dairy products etc. differs very much. Therefore it is important to know, what vegetables should be used by allergic person and what to refuse! Especially carefully it is necessary to choose a ration for children subjected to allergy.

The most allergenic food is: dairy products, eggs (in particular protein), honey, wheat, corn, nuts, seafood.

 Less allergenic are: citrus, berries (especially strawberry, raspberry, blackberry), eggplants, garlic, melon, black and red pepper, tomatoes, beet, carrots, potatoes, peas, alcohol and coffee.

 Such foodstuff as pumpkin, barley, a rye, oats, low-fat meat of beef or a bird, rice, vegetable oil (sunflower, olive), dried fruits (except for prunes), cucumbers, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins, turnip, spinach, fennel, cabbage, white sweet cherry, white currant, a pear, green apples, canker-rose broth, green tea and still mineral water is considered the least allergenic.