Determination Of Allergy

Very often allergy occurs when the immune system reacts adversely to a foreign substance, which often of all is vegetable or animal origin.
It is known that the immune system produces substances which are known as antibodies. During normal operation, these antibodies can protect the body from infections and viruses that cause disease. When a person has an allergy occurs the immune system produces antibodies that define a particular allergen as something harmful, although this is not true. When a person is in contact with the allergen, the reaction of the immune system can irritate the skin, digestive system, mucous membranes or respiratory tract.
The degree of the allergic reaction varies depending the case, sex, and so on. Usually allergies can not be cured, but surely selected procedures can help relieve allergy symptoms.
To the doctor is necessary to address in cases where you think clearly reflects certain symptom relevant to this disease. If such symptoms appear on the prescribing of drugs, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.
If a severe allergic reaction, call 911 or dial the local emergency number, or better immediately seek emergency medical care at the hospital.
If you have previously observed a severe attack of allergies or explicitly present signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, then wasted no time try to make an appointment to see a doctor. Assessment, diagnosis and long-term treatment of anaphylaxis are not the easiest, so you need to seek help from a doctor who specializes in allergy and immunology.