Causes Of Allergy

Allergy is a disease of the century, without any exaggeration. More than 85% of the world population at various ages suffer from this disease. The causes of allergies – not fully studied medicine question. They are so varied that sometimes the diagnosis of this disease is very difficult to determine exactly how they arise. Consider the most common causes of allergies.
1 Keeping unhealthy lifestyles. This reason is the most global and, in fact, applies to all allergies to one degree or another. Not legible food, eating a lot of “bad” foods, alcohol, work in hazardous chemical production, self – all this weakens the protective function of our immune system and is the starting point for the development of allergic reactions.

Stress. It can rightly be called the cause №1 for a number of diseases that affect nearly every organ of the human body. Stress can be transferred person on an emotional (psychological) or physical levels.
3 Heredity. Genetic predisposition to the disease the child is allergic to 30% if an allergy suffered one of the parents, and as much as 80% – if you suffer both.
4 The specificity of the immune system. We all come into this world completely different inclinations. This rule applies to the human immune system. Someone is stronger, someone weaker. It should monitor the condition of the immune system and take preventive measures if necessary.
Private causes of allergies may serve as an insect bite, dust, pollen, mold spores, mold, working with household chemicals, animal dander, and others.