Allergy And Cancer

One can ask: what common is there in these two different diseases allergy and a cancer? However long-term medical researches after all established a certain interrelation.

Until recently there was general opinion of rather positive influence of allergy to oncology. Physicians considered that depression of probability of oncology disease for allergic persons is caused by the raised organism susceptibility to foreign neoplasms.

Scientists of the Texas technical university found that children suffering from allergy to the substances transferred by air, almost twice less often than their coevals suffer from leukemia.

The Canadian scientists found that allergic persons are nearly 60% more seldon than the others have pancreas cancer.

However scientists of Commonwealth University of Virginia found following. Histamin as a mediator of various allergic reactions is generated by immune cells within period of an allergy exacerbation more intensively.  At the same time, besides catalyst role at allergy, histamin carries out protective function of tumors during inflammation in the organism from work of immune system. Therefore the conclusion can be as follows: allergy promotes the development of oncologic diseases but if to block or limit generating of histamin by organism in due time is will lead to a tumor growth stop.

This conclusion was proved by practical consideration when carrying out experiment on the mice sick with a melanoma. Today experiments on application of antihistamine preparations in a cancer therapy are prepared.