Allergy Prevention

The best way to prevent allergies – avoid any contact with the allergen. However, this is possible only in case of an allergic tendency awareness of your body. In other cases, help is only general preventive measures. These we now consider.
1 Keep clean your home. Be washed regularly. It is advisable to do it more than once a week, especially during the summer. Regularly wash curtains, soft toys, knock out as much as possible and wash carpets.
Perform disinfection and cleaning the bathroom and toilet in special rubber gloves, and a separate, suitable clothing. Try cleaning with household chemicals in special medical masks.

3 Avoid home “bags” – a variety of statues, piles of accumulated magazines, artificial flowers. Nor should we hang out a lot of carpet on the walls. Get rid of hairy capes on the furniture.
4 intake in the room where you are, including your home fresh air. Aeration is recommended at least twice a day.
5 Avoid high humidity in the house. It is a great breeding ground for mold and mildew spores.
6 Cut the frequent and close contact with the animals.
7 Carefully study the labels of all that you are buying in the market or supermarket, be it food or household chemicals, as well as clothes, shoes or Chancellery.
8 New, especially exotic foods should first try, and in the absence of an allergic reaction to take in food.
9 Take care of personal hygiene, wash your hands.
10 Always keep in the medicine chest any one antihistamine for cases of acute manifestations of allergic reaction.